HDD Hard Disk Drive Eraser


WipeDrive is an erasure that able to wipe all data from your hard drives in accordance with some well-known standards such as (DoD 5220.22-M, HMG IS5 Baseline, HMG IS5 Enhanced, Canada Ops-II, US Army AR380-19, US Air Force 5020, German VSITR, NAVSO P-5239-26, NCSC-TG-025, Russian GOST P50739-95) making it unrecoverable.

By completely erase your hard drive, it protects your identity and other personal information, when buying, selling or throwing your computer away. It may also improve your system performance.


• NIST Approved – Hammer erasure tool is compliant with NIST 800-36 and 800-88

• Supports Multiple Devices At One Time – Hammer erasure tool is able to process up to 4 hard disks at once

• All-In-One Device – Hammer erasure tool can not only erase, but also, partition, format and image source data to each of the drives.

The Hammer is a hard disk drive erasure tool. The device will securely erase all data written to the attached drives, up to 4 drives at once.

Both PATA and SATA interfaces are supported. Secure Erase is implemented allowing guaranteed, uninterrupted erasure of all data stored on the media.

If a drive does not support the secure erase command, NIST 800-36 and 800-88 compliant data erase methods are used.

Once each connected device is erased, the user can configure the system to partition, format and image source data to each of the drives.

Once the process has been started, the Hammer will execute each step until complete.

Hammer is a one step tool that will erase all data from a drive and prepare the drive to be redeployed into service.


• Secure Erase / Pattern Erase
• Auto Partitioning / Auto Formatting
• Auto Image Copy
• NIST 800-88 Compliant / NIST 800-36 Compliant
• SATA and PATA interfaces
• High Speed UDMA transfers
• Verify after complete
• Portable
• Up to Four Drives at one time
• USB 2.0 for storing and printing verification logs


• Provides peace of mind that confidential data will not fall into the wrong hands.

• Meets data sanitization standards set by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The US Department of Defense


HDD Hard disk drive Shredders

Whitaker Brothers HDD Hard disk drive Shredders

Whitaker Brothers is recognized worldwide as a leader in the data destruction industry with paper shredders and disintegrators/granulators from manufacturers like MBM/Destroyit, Martin Yale and HSM. Over 65 years of experience enables us to respond with products renowned for quality, durability and value as solutions to the ever-changing security needs of our customers and the evolving field of data storage.

Whitaker Brothers105 Hard Drive Shredder

(Single Stage with No Conveyor)

Basic Specs of the 105  Shredder

  • Cutting Size: 20mm x 30-50mm (random length)
  • Voltage: 3 x 220 V/ 60 Hz
  • Weight: 1870 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54″H x 46″W x 71″D

Features of the 105

  • A high performance hard drive/magnetic tape shredder that can handle CDs, DVDs and USB sticks as well!
  • Multi-functional operating and display element for continuous and reverse operation.
  • Capacity rates are dependent upon hard drive size, thickness, and proper power.
  • Energy-efficient motors designed for high throughput.
  • Automatic stop and reverse in the event of a jam.
  • 2 years parts warranty, 90 days labor.

SEM Hard Drive Shredder

When it comes to the fast, safe, easy hard drive shredding, nothing outperforms the Jackhammer™ Hard Drive Shredder from SEM.
Designed with Operator Safety, Ease-of-Use and Mobility in mind, the SEM Model 0302-1.0 Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder from SEM will shred up to 2,000 drives per hour at an end particle size of just 1.0″ wide.  It is also ideal for shredding optical media and other small electronic devices such as cell phones, blackberries, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), memory sticks, PDAs, and similar electronic data storage devices.
This slow speed, high torque hard drive shredder uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up to 25 hard drives in a minute and features the following:
  • Take-away Conveyor with vulcanized rollers
  • Take-away Conveyor cover for added protection
  • Non metallic collection bin
  • Modified in-feed chute dimensions for operator safety
  • Safety curtain flaps
  • Easy access clean out panels
  • Sturdy lockable casters
  • Exterior powder coated paint
  • Integrated Hour Meter
  • 2 year warranty
  • OPTIONAL ~ HEPA Air Filtration System
  • OPTIONAL ~ Fork Pockets

Model 0300 Hard Drive Shredder – 1.5″ Particle Size

Low to medium volumeuse in an Office Environment – shreds up to 500 drives per hour.

Model 0301 Hard Drive Shredder-1.5″ Particle Size

Medium to high volume use – shreds up to 2,000 hard drives per hour.

Model 0302-1.5 Hard Drive Shredder-1.5″ Particle Size

Medium to high volume – shreds up to 2,500 Hard Drives per hour.

Model 0302-1.0 Hard Drive Shredder – 1.0″ Particle Size

Medium to high volumehard drive shredding – up to 2,000 Hard Drives per hour.

Model 0302-.75 Hard Drive Shredder-.75″ Particle Size

Medium to high volumehard drive shredding – up to 1,500 Hard Drives per hour.

SEM Model 0304-1.5 Hard Drive Shredder-1.5″ Particle Size

Extreme high volume – shreds up to 3,500 Hard Drives per hour.

SEM Model 0304-1.0 Hard Drive Shredder – 1.0″ Particle Size

Extreme high volume hard drive shredding – up to 3,000 Hard Drives per hour.

SEM Model 0304-.75 Hard Drive Shredder .75″ Particle Size

Extreme high volumehard drive shredding – up to 2,500 Hard Drives per hour.

HDD Hard disk drive Degaussers

Proton Hard disk drive Degaussers

Proton T-4 Hard disk drive Degausser

• T-4 complies with DoD requirements for destroying classified information on magnetic media and is on the NSA EPL. (October 2009)

• Independent tests indicate an Effective Magnetic Field (EMF) of 40,000 gauss and 13,330 Oersteds over 2.5 times the power of existing NSA test levels.

• Automatic On/Off operation.

• Lightweight enables table top or floor operation.

• Manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 certified facilities.

• Destruction of confidential, sensitive and classified data is in accordance with recognized standards and provides compliance under FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.

• Confidence that data on high density hard drives is rendered unavailable and unusable.• Minimal training and simplicity of use.• Fits easily into existing operations.

Proton T-1.5 Hard disk drive Degausser

  • Packs a punch – Strongest drawer style degausser available today, producing an effective magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla, capable of erasing up to 3 TB hard disks
  • Peace of mind – Meets data sanitization standards set by NIST & DoD
  • Hassle-free – Simple one touch button starts the swift degaussing process

The new Proton T-1.5 is a drawer style degausser that destroys data on hard drives and other magnetic media to help organizations protect sensitive information and stay in compliance with various Government regulations for data sanitization.

The T-1.5 is automatic, light weight and simple to use so it will fit easily into existing operations.

An effective magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla makes it the strongest drawer style degausser available today capable of erasing 3 TB drives.

As hard drive and other magnetic media densities increase, the T-1.5 will continue to be the ultimate guard against data loss that can lead to costly data breaches.

Proton 8000 Hard disk drive Degausser

  • Quiet Performer – Low-noise, compact unit with “industrial strength” flux fields.
  • Multiple usage methods – Foot controller available for hands-free operation to fit your organisation’s needs.
  • One Size Fits Many – Wide range of magnetic media supported including compact cassettes, hard disks and broadcast & video storage tapes.

The Proton Model 8000 Table Top unit is a low-noise, compact unit with ‘industrial strength’ flux fields. It features a foot-control for hands-free operation and can degauss a wide range of magnetic media, including ¼”, ½”, 1″ and 2″ thick reels, and up to 16″ diameter reels.

Other computer media includes compact cassettes, QIC, DC600, 2000, Tk50, 70, 85, 3480/3490/3590E, 4mm/8mm, Extrabyte/Travan, and any Type I, II or III computer media in addition to 3″½ and 5″¼ hard drives.

Broadcast & Video Media – VHS, S-VHS, U-matic, U-matic SP, 1″, 2″, B, and C format, Beta SP M1/M3, D1, D2, D3, DVC-PRO, R-DAT, Pancakes, and 16″ Mirror Mother Master Tape.

The Proton 8000 employs an exclusive magnetic resonance design that insures full-power to the magnetic loop circuit, (magnetic media) for full, deep degauss levels.

The Proton 8000 has a large work surface with operating instructions in full view, and a degaussing coil current monitor providing visual confirmation of full degauss levels.

A ‘soft-start’ design eliminates circuit-breaker problems at turn-on, and unlike other degaussers, has maximum erasure field plus maximum erasure time. Status indicator lights confirm operation mode.

All accessories are included – reel guide, foot control, hard drive handling container, detachable line cord and detailed instructions.

Proton 1100 Hard disk drive Degausser

  • NSA Approved – Proton 1100 is on the NSA Approved Product List
  • Peace Of Mind – NIST & DoD approved for all media up to 2,870 Oe
  • Tiny Form Factor – At only 13cm long and 400g in weight, this handheld degaussing wand is convenient during usage as well as storage
  • The Proton 1100 Degaussing Wandis designed to provide maximum security level media degaussing for a wide range of magnetic media.A multi-polar design insures minimum flux levels of 6,000 gauss and full hysteresis of all magnetic states.Conventional magnetic recording devices (recording heads) cannot provide the flux density required to totally erase magnetic signatures. The magnetic information remains in the media after conventional erasing techniques and reformatting procedures. Only a high-energy magnetic circuit that provides a full-cycle (+ – + -) field can reliably erase this remnant magnetic information to a full security level.A magnetic shield is provided for safe storage of the degaussing wand.Proton 1100 effectively degausses disk drives, diskpacks, drum type memories, floppies and any flat-surface magnetic memory.




• Permanent Fixed Rare Earth Magnet Technology
• Ergonomically designed portable workbench complete with drive staging area.
• Improved, larger aperture accepts full size VHS formats.
• NSA-approved degausser for LMR as well as PMR technology. This extends the life of this product well into the future.

• Provides peace of mind that confidential data will not fall into the wrong hands.

• Meets data sanitization standards set by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The US Department of Defense.

• Environmentally responsible with low power consumption of 1 Amp.

• Highest Rated NSA Approved Degausser in the market – Supports up to 6,000 Oe for Hard Disks & 2,600 Oe for Tapes

• State-Of-The-Art Technology – World’s fastest cycle time of only 15 seconds

• Non-stop Business – Permanent fixed rare earth magnet technology is harnessed which produces no heat unlike traditional electro-magnetic methods,
allowing for continuous operations


• NSA Approved Degausser – 6,000 Oe for Hard Disks & 2,600 Oe for Tapes

• Runs on Human Power – This degausser runs via a manual hand crank with a cycle time of just 10 seconds requiring no electricity to operate the unit

• Non-stop Business – Permanent fixed rare earth magnet technology is employed which produces no heat unlike traditional electro-magnetic methods, allowing for continuous operations

For field deployment or where power is not available or needed, the SEM Model ME-P3M is the ideal choice.  The unit is designed to degauss 5000 Oe Standard (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) Hard Drives and/or Magnetic tapes quickly and easily.

The unit is operated by a MANUAL HAND CRANK METHOD with a cycle time of just 10 seconds requiring no electricity or power to operate the unit. The actual degauss cycle time is one second as the drive passes through the magnetic field.

An optional height adjustable mobile lift table (Model 250MOBLIFT) is also available.
For field deployment, an optional Deployment Hard Case is also available (Model P3M DEP).


FollowMe works on a Client-Server infrastructure with a central server or servers handling all print jobs in a similar way to a print server.

FollowMe is an all-in-one Output Cost Management system consisting of three core components:

• the Client, which is the user’s workstation,
• the Q-Server, which is the print server, which stores all print jobs uploaded from the client, and manages all communications and
• the ID-Reader hardware (print release station), located on the printer allowing a variety of different recognition techniques to be sent to the server for authentication.

The user must first authenticate at the FollowMe Hardware using any of the supported indentification technologies. Once authenticated the FollowMe Q-Server will release any pending print jobs. If the device (copier/printer/MFP) is copy patrol enabled the FollowMe Q-Server will signal the hardware to enable the copy patrol functionality.



Data Terminator is the only ISO Certified company that provide electronics data erasure and destruction services in Singapore.

We adopt the best in class benchmark available in the industry today. They include:

  • US DoD 5220.22-M Compliant on Clearing and Sanitization
  • NSA/CSS 04-02 Compliant on Equipment
  • NIST Compliant for Media Sanitization
  • Singapore Banking Act Compliant
  • Official Secrets Act Compliant
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Secure Electronic Data Erasure & Destruction Services

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